Guaranteed to Be on the Safe Side


As well as guaranteeing smooth operation, in many cases the safety of industrial trucks is also a legal obligation. The relevant requirements are constantly changing. Linde Material Handling keeps track of it all and promptly performs the prescribed checks for you. For example, these include the checks in accordance with FEM 4.004, which are required in Europe, rack checks, and battery and charger checks. In addition, in many locations, Linde offers a tire service, advises on optimal energy consumption, and handles the value-preserving cleaning of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment.

Legal Certainty with an Annual Check

Legislators generally require forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment to be checked comprehensively by experts at least once a year. For example, in Europe, the checks are prescribed by the provisions in the FEM 4.004 guideline. The implementation of FEM 4.004 is regulated by national legislation. The inspections relate to all essential elements and functions of all types of industrial trucks as well as hand lift trucks, cranes, and workshop hoisting platforms. Up to 100 points need to be diligently checked, starting from the lifting equipment through to the drive unit and the brakes as well as the seats, batteries, and signs. The Linde service team handles the entire annual check – working in a country-specific and professional way, and providing seamless documentation.

For You, this Means:

    • Full legal certainty
    • Automatic compliance with the manufacturer's specifications
    • Sustainable and permanent safety for your employees
    • An overview of the precise condition of the fleet
    • Timely checks thanks to a reminder service
    • The Linde experts also provide a recommendation on which defects should be rectified promptly to avoid potential consequential damage. This means that the benefits of the check are two-fold.

Compliant Rack Checks: No Damage Remains Undetected

The often narrow paths in warehouses make racks a typical point of collision for forklift trucks. They are often also exposed to high product weights. As a result, legislators have also stipulated regular checks for racks, generally worldwide. This means that racks need to be inspected annually for impact damage, depressions, and defective fastenings, for example. In Europe, the specific check is defined in DIN EN 15635. Numerous Linde service partners can take care of your rack checks to ensure compliance and legal certainty. This occurs during operation and without interruptions. In addition, we will of course also help you to rectify any defects.

Always Ready for Operation with the Tire Service

Fully functioning tires are not just a legal requirement – they also ensure the efficient and safe handling of the forklift. The Linde tire service performs necessary tire changes, keeping downtimes to a minimum. The use of a replacement rim means that the tire is quickly installed and we are happy to dispose of old tires upon request.

Everyday Assistance with the Battery Service Board

Did you know that the battery accounts for around a third of the overall costs of an electric forklift truck? Just as important is a fully functioning and, above all, durable battery. Only then can high costs be avoided. Insufficient maintenance and cleaning can destroy the battery, reduce driving times, and accelerate discharging. Time-consuming interim charging then becomes unavoidable. The Linde battery service detects defects at an early stage, extends the service life of batteries, minimizes downtimes, and prevents expensive repairs.


Charger checks are required by law, and they also improve the service life and in turn the cost-effectiveness of forklift trucks. Numerous Linde service partners can check your chargers on a regular basis upon request. This guarantees optimum battery charging, and ensures that your forklifts operate efficiently and are always ready for use.


Energy consumption is an economic issue and is also relevant for a company's sustainability. Linde provides energy consumption consulting services, depending on the relevant operating conditions, at numerous sites. This covers the selection of the appropriate battery size and type as well as the number of batteries and chargers to be used, for example. Depending on the operating environment, it may, for example, make sense to use a central charging station. Our experts help you to optimize your consumption costs and structure your energy supply with a view to the future.

Everyday Assistance with the Battery Service Board

Aside from the necessary checks, forklift drivers can also make a contribution to the preservation of the batteries on a daily basis. The Linde battery service board provides protection and assistance during the daily charging and checking of lead-acid batteries. The board ensures that the necessary maintenance accessories, such as safety goggles, gloves, and eye washes, are available at a central location. Furthermore, it also provides instructions on how to charge lead-acid batteries in twelve languages. The service board therefore improves safety in the workplace and speeds up care and maintenance work on the battery.

For the service board contact your dealer

Clean Lasts Longer

Companies often seem to view the cleaning of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment as an imposition, so it is generally neglected. Employees either don't have time or operators are reluctant to pay for professional cleaning. However, this is where savings are made at the wrong end. A lack of cleaning results in high losses in value. Ultimately, an attractive appearance is an incentive for employees to handle equipment with care. Contamination also increases wear.

Linde offers regular professional forklift truck cleaning at many locations. This relieves companies and their employees of this tedious obligation, yet the forklift trucks are always clean and shiny.